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Hi, I'm Jaycen!

     Ever since my elementary and middle school days, I have had a love for creating. What started as a challenge from a friend to draw an anime character evolved into a passion for art that is equal parts cathartic and fulfilling. For me, art is calming. All at once, it soothes my anxiety while making me feel as though I am doing something worthwhile. My art is, in many ways, representative of me, and the themes that I am drawn to, such as arachnids and insects, fantasy and mythology, and human sexuality. 


About My Work


     My art delves into themes such as sexuality, gender, and personal expression while tapping into the magical, the macabre, and the fantastic. My digital works have been featured in a local art co-op, and I have created everything from RPG art to private commissions and the many works featured and upcoming here on JewelSpider.

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